Altitude: 2216 m
Mileage: 71.6 km
Location: No. 1, Alishan, Zhongzheng Village, Alishan Township, Chiayi County


Nowadays, Alishan Sation is not only the terminal of Forest Railway, but also the starting of Chushan, Mianyue, and Shenmu Line. Originally, Alishan Station was the Fourth Lane of forest railway. With the increase of tourists on 1970s, authority expanded Recreation Area from August, 1977 to November, 1981 and renamed to New Alishan Station. However, it was closed because of 921 Earthquake on 1999 and the terminal was also changed into Zhaoping Station. In order to ease the burden of tourists, Forestry Bureau established the temporary station and started to rebuild the new one. On September of 2007, Alishan Station was restarted.


Alishan Visitor Center, Alishan Forest Recreation Area, Alishan Post Office, Alishan Trail

  • Alishan Forest Recreation Area

    Alishan Forest Recreation Area

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