Song of the Forest

The story of "Song of the Forest"


The installation "Song of the Forest" is located at the intersection of Wenhua Road and the TRA Main Line in Chiayi City. The tower symbolizes the sacred tree, the tunnel, and the track of Alishan Forest Railway to show the transition of light and the magnificence of Alishan. Its design is also inspired by the craftsmanship of aboriginal tribes. The materials of the installation take advantage of woods, tracks, and stoned provided by the Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency to imitate a natural environment. You can feel the light, the night, and the aura of the forest in the exact tower. It is as fascinating as in Alishan itself. 

The sculptor of this installation, Wang Wen-Chih, was born in the Alishan area. He refers to his hometown and his skills to create this modern installation. This work aims to represent the prosperity of Chiayi as a wood capital and create a distinct image of Alishan Forestry Park to welcome all the visitors from the island and all over the world.


Management unit

Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency

Opening hours

The parks opens 24/7. Light-up time: 18:30 (March-August); 17:30 (September-February)

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