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Chiayi Branch, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency carried out Hinoki Village Project which below "Projects for the Economic Revitalization through the Expansion of Public Construction". After the approval of Executive Yuan on February 26, 2009, it started to run the construction. It took four years, until 2013, to finish the construction and began to promote the procedures of operation and transfer. Combined with the Chiayi City Urban Renewal Project, Council of Agriculture (COA) start to promote the preservation of precious forestry historic assets, set up a new landmark in Chiayi, and boost city development. It is not only good cooperation between COA and Chiayi City Government, but also an achievement of central and local relations.

The signing ceremony of the "Transfer of Operation of Chiayi City Hinoki Village" was completed on September 28, 2013. The concession of Hinoki Village was granted to the private organization, "Hinoki Village Co., Ltd.", and the contract stipulates that 60% of the village must be used for the main business, that is, for forestry culture exhibition and marketing the local specialties, and the rest can be used for affiliated businesses such as catering, which must not exceed 40%. The village is integrated with elements such as "forestry culture, environmental education, craft design, cultural creativity and life creativity", to create the first cultural and creative park based on the theme of "Forest Culture and Creation," which would be planned to be divided into different theme blocks, including those used for cultural and creative market, event exhibition, design boutiques, craftsmanship, agricultural products, corporate images, coffee, and catering, in operation since January 2014.

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    Ice shop

  • Pray Shrine

    Pray Shrine

  1. The construction began in 1914, and the construction period extended for about 30 years. The main building materials were cedar and China Fir. The quarter covers an area of 3.4 hectares, including 0.4 hectares in the agricultural boutique area to the north of Linsen East Road and 3 hectares to the south of Linsen East Road. There is a municipal historical site (Forestry Club) and 30 historical buildings in the area.
  2. The renovation of Hinoki Village has been carried out in phases since 2009. The restoration of the buildings has been completed on the principle of "using original materials and original construction methods". The exterior of the building is in the form of the Japanese-style bungalow with wooden structure, which is an important representative of Alishan Forestry Culture. All the bricks and tiles have described the historical texture of the forestry personnel's century-old life.
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Traffic Information

1. Public Transportation

  • From Chiayi Train Station: 5 min by motorbike.
  • From Chiayi Train Station: walk along Linsen W. Rd. about 20 mins.
  • From HSR: take BRT to Chiayi Transit Station and transfer city bus 66 Other buses via Hinoki Village: 66, 7304, 7323, 7309A, 7309B, 7312, 7315, 7321, 7319, 7316, 7305, 7313.
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2. By Car

  • National Highway No. 1 → Chiayi Interchange (to Chiayi) → Beigang Road → turn left to Bo'ai Road (via Bo'ai Pedestrian Bridge) → turn right to Zhongxiao Road → Linsen E. Road → Hinoki Village
  • National Highway No. 3 → Jhuqi Interchange (to Chiayi) → Linsen E. Road → Zhongxiao Road intersection → Hinoki Village

3. Parking Lot

  • Governmental Parking Lot (motorbike)
    In front of Chiayi City Government.
  • Changhong Parking Lot(bus and car)
    Near Carrefour Beimen branch.
  • Chiayi City Culture Center Parking Lot (bus, car, and motorbike)
    Behind Culture Center Parking.


Hinoki Village Incorporated



No. 1, Linsen E. Rd., East Dist., Chiayi City

Management unit

Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency

Opening hours

Outdoor space: Open all day. Indoor Pavilion: 10:00-18:00


31 meters


3.4 hectares

Please make an appointment 14 days before entering
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