Alishan Garage Park

Alishan Garage Park was known as the tallest train garage since Japanese occupied period. Accompanied with Chiayi Garage, both of them are the main places for maintenance.
It was changed into three different places in history. In the beginning, the wooden garage was built on the left side of old Zhaoping Station, where Alishan Gou Hotel located now, and then moved to right side on 1970s. After that, the new garage moved to the end of the Fourth Lane (the end of new Alishan Station) because Alishan Station changed to the Fourth Lane on January, 1981. From 1997, the garage was rebuilt and started to serve Chushan Line for passengers.



No. 2, Alishan, Zhongshan Village, Alishan Townshi

Management unit

Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office, Forestry Bureau

Opening hours

Office area will not open publicly.


2200 meters


0.22 hectares