Ticket directions

Day Ticket

Main Line Express: 30 minutes before the departure time of first run in each station to the last train.

​Advance Ticket 

1. Main Line Express

A. Train Station 
  • 12 days before the departure date (including)
  • Service Time
    AFR: 08:00-16:00 (Alishan Station 08:30-16:30)
    TRA: depend on the operation time of each station.
  • Purchasing Location
    AFR: Chiayi, Beimen, Fenqihu , and Alishan Station
    TRA: every station with electronic ticket vending machines
B. Online Booking
  • 15 days before the departure date (including)
    Note: Passengers can book the tickets for Friday, Saturday or Sunday after two weeks on this Friday.
  • Service Time: 06:00-24:00.
  • Online Ticketing System
  • Ticket Limitation: Each person is only allowed to reserve 6 tickets for every departure date and 12 tickets for round trips. However, if the passenger separately reserves tickets for departure date and return date, the system will regard this as two orders, so the maximum number of ticket reservation is 6 pieces.
  • Payment Deadline: within 2 days (including the booking day).
    If passenger books the ticket for the day after tomorrow, the deadline of payment is 1 day before departure day.

2. Non-reserved Train (Jungshing Express)

Day ticket only, online reservation is not available.

3. Chushan Line (sunrise watching)

  • Service Time: One day before departure day, from 13:00-16:00
  • Purchasing Location: Chiayi, Beimen, Fenqihu , and Alishan Station (2F)
  • TEL: +886-5-267-9200
  • Payment: by cash and credit card (including VISA, Master and JCB)

Fare Calculation

Main Line

  1. Alishan Air-conditioned Express: NT$8.33 per kilometer (The minimum mileage is 5 km)
  2. Local Train: NT$7.5 per kilometer (The minimum mileage is 5 km)

Chushan Line

  1. Full-Fare: NT$150
  2. Half-Fare: NT$75

Senmu Line (Sacred Tree Line)

  1. Full-Fare: NT$100
  2. Half-Fare: NT$50

Zhaoping Line

  1. Full-Fare: NT$100
  2. Half-Fare: NT$50

Ticket Types

1. One-way Ticket

  1. Adult
  2. Half-price:children, seniors (over 65 with valid ID), and handicapped with certificate.

2. Validity

  1. Reserved Train: effective on the same day and the same train number.
  2. Unreserved Train: effective on the same day only.


Outbound trips are subject to the regulations for single tickets:If Passengers who break their journey will be invalidated their tickets and cannot claim for refunds.

Child Fares

Children in 150 cm tall and above should pay adult fare; between 116 and 149 cm tall should pay child fare; below 115 cm tall is free. (Mantissa is rounded up.)
  1. Children above 115 cm tall but fewer than 6 years old should show their ID for free fare.
  2. Children above 150 cm tall but fewer than 12 years of should show their ID for child fare.
Although children fewer than 115 cm tall enjoy free fare, they should pay half fares under any of the following circumstances:
  1. Travel alone or occupy a seat
  2. Passenger with a ticket travels with more than 2 children; he/she should pay fares for the third child onward.
  3. Children travel in a group, and each accompanying adult should pay adult fares.
  4. Adult group travels with children that over a quarter of a group should pay fares for the exceeding children.

Fare Adjustment

Passengers should buy a ticket before boarding. Passengers are not allowed to travel on the train without a ticket. Passengers traveling without a ticket or a valid ticket should pay fares for their whole trip from the departure station to the destination station. An additional 50% of the exact fare will be charged when there is no good reason for traveling without a ticket or a valid ticket. If the departure station is unknown, the start station of that train or the last station of ticket examination will be the departure station for fare calculation.

Handling Charge for Refunds

  1. Passengers should claim for refunds before the train departures. A handling charge will be deducted. A claim for refund after the train departures will not be accepted.
  2. Handling charge: 10% of the fare (decimals are rounded up to).
  3. Refunds for typhoon days:
    When a typhoon comes, starting when the Central Weather Bureau issues a land typhoon warning until four hours after the warning is lift, whether or not railway services are disrupted or stations are located in the typhoon-affected area, refunds or ticket exchange at any station of the Alishan Forest Railway or TRA will be handled according to the refund policy for railway service disruption (i.e. when a land typhoon warning is issued, it is considered as railway service disruption). In this case, passengers can get a full refund. Passengers can claim for refunds within one year after the boarding date, and the same-day refund policy will be disregarded.