Chiayi Loco Shed Park

Chiayi Loco Shed Park was named "Beimen Repair Plant" during the Japanese colonial period. With the expansion of the railway, it started the operation in 1912 and had been aiming to build and maintain the Alishan railway, which has already lasted for one century. It plays an important role to repair the rolling stocks and produce the components, especially Alishan cypress-carriage, a masterpiece in the repair plant. There are many retired train preserving in Beimen Repair Plant. However, on August 23, 1993, the fire destroyed repair plants and old trains. Nowadays, the authority rebuilds the plant and preserves some precious trains in the yard. It was renamed as Chiayi Loco Shed Park in 2005 to allow tourists to visit this meaningful place.



No. 2, Linsen E. Rd., East Dist., Chiayi City

Management unit

Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency

Opening hours

Park opens from 08:00 to 18:00 Office area will not open publicly


31 meters


4.47 hectares

+886-5-2779843 #156
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