Altitude: 2451 m
Mileage: 77.55 km
Location: No. 99, Alishan, Zhongzheng Village, Alishan Township, Chiayi County


Chushan Station (altitude: 2451m) is the best location to watch sunrise. Forestry Bureau began to build Chushan Line for delivering passengers who watch sunrise on 1984 and operated on January 13, 1986. Chushan Line (total length: 6.25km; altitude: 2000m above) is the first mountain-climbing railway built by Taiwanese and the highest point of Taiwan railway.
Chushan gets the reputation of sunrise throughout the world. The original path was not affordable anymore due to the open of Alishan Highway. With the raise of tourists, Forestry Bureau overcame a variety of challenges and commenced on the railway. Nowadays, tourists are able to watch amazing sunrise by taking Chushan Line.


Chushan Sun-watch Platform, Ogasawara Observatory

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