Altitude: 2274 m
Mileage: 72.7 km
Location: No. 17, Xianglin Village, Alishan Township, Chiayi County


Zhaoping Station, or called old Alishan Station, was the original terminal of forest railway. It was established on 1914 and started operation on the same year of March 14. The Zhaoping Station had been badly damaged by fire and then was rebuilt. The new station building was officially opened on April 21, 2013. All parts of the entire building of the Zhaoping Station were connected by butt laying, without any nails. In particular, the Japanese wood-making technique was introduced into the construction of the station building, conveying the advantages of wood building materials and developing the feasibility of modern wood-making technique, as well as presenting the grace and glory of a nostalgia Japanese-style railway. Except for transportation, Zhaoping is a multifunctional station providing passengers to experience railway culture, such as art exhibit and aboriginal culture. In addition, environmentally-friendly construction methods were introduced into the construction of Zhaoping Station for recycling water resources and letting natural light in. The station also integrates with the Zhaoping Park and surrounding terrain to fully present the open and intimate architectural appearance. This design was also awarded the "2006 Japan Architecture Society Design Excellence Award" in September 2006.


Alishan Poem Trail, Sky Trail, Cherry Blossom Trail, Alishan Ecological Education Museum, Formosa Pleione Ecological Story Museum, Sun-watching Trail, Tashan Trail, Alishan Guest House of Forestry Bureau

  • Alishan Ecological Education Museum

    Alishan Ecological Education Museum

  • Sun-watching Trail

    Sun-watching Trail

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