Altitude: 1186 m
Mileage: 40.3 km
Location: Shueisheliao, Renshou Village, Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County


From Jiaoliping Station to Shuisheliao Station, there are 8 tunnels. It is the section with the largest number of tunnels between two stations of Alishan Forest Railway. When a train passes through from No.16 tunnel to No.19 tunnel, it is winding around the Dubi Mountain.
Shuisheliao Station, 1,186 meters above sea level, is a small station under the peaks of the Luna Mountain and the Sitianwang Mountain. The most interesting part of this station is that the track presents a U-shaped curve, and the train winds along exactly a 180o curve from pulling into the station to pulling out of the station. Along with the Erwanping Station, they are the two stations with U-shaped track on the Alishan Forest Railway. Shuisheliao Station has already become a staffless station since the 1990's. Recently, due to the nearby bat cave, the abandoned station has also been converted into a bat education center. The Shuisheliao Station is the first station for education in bat ecology in Taiwan.
Taking the station as a starting point, tourists can walk to the surrounding famous scenic spots, covered with China-fir forest and bamboo forest along the way, with excellent views. Tourists can look Yushan, Tashan, Ruili and Fenqihu a long distance away. To the south, tourists can go to Wolong Valley, also known as Shigupan. The stream washes the boulder in the valley, forming dozens of gullies and caves. The stream water accumulates in the ditch from top to bottom, and then flows to the next ditch like a small waterfall. Like this, the holes connect one another for two kilometers long, like a crouching dragon on the water, so it is called Wolong (crouching dragon) Valley, a beautiful name.


Bat Ecological Museum, Autumn Maple Tree Scenic Area, Wolong Valley Scenic Area, Four King-Mountains Trail, Shuishui Historical Trail, Ruishui Historical Trail

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