Altitude: 543 m
Mileage: 23.3 km
Location: No. 37-1, Zhangnaoliao, Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County


Zhangnaoliao (distance from Chiayi: 23.3km; altitude: 543m), known for camphor trees and camphor oil, was a major place to export camphor during the Japanese colonial period. Although there is only a row of camphor trees standing beside the railway now, passengers can still overlook the spectacular mountain-view at this station.
Zhangnaoliao is a switchback station. The rail year is built in "x-shaped", so trains need to go back on the left trackto get into the station. The only two switchback stations in Taiwan are Zhangnaoliao and Pingzhena Station. After departing from this station, passengers will experience the loop line and the spiral route to make three circles around Dulishan.


Dulishan Trail, Jhangnaoliao Drawbridge, Hongnankeng Historical Trail, Tanghu Historical Trail

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