Altitude: 127 m
Mileage: 14.2 km
Location: No. 11, Jiuchezhan, Zhuqi Village, Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County


Situated 14.2 kilometers from the Chiayi starting point, Zhuqi Station is at an elevation of 127 meters and holds the esteemed status of a county historical site. As the final station on the flat stretch of the Alishan Forest Railway, this station marks the beginning of the mountainous ascent. Originally constructed around 1910, the station has undergone renovations over the years. Its primary structure features Alishan cypresses for the wooden frame, while the walls showcase the distinctive "wattle and daub," a traditional construction method in Taiwan. However, as time progressed, the station's foundation experienced subsidence, and the roof structure faced severe damage from insect infestations. Following a meticulous examination, the wooden components were assessed and replaced while adhering to the original materials and construction methods. The comprehensive restoration work was concluded successfully in November 2021, revealing a rejuvenated appearance.

Adding to Zhuqi Station's unique charm is the presence of a railroad wye. In the early stages after the railway's opening in 1912, Erwanping and Zhuqi served as the endpoint and starting point respectively for the mountainous section. The utilization of the wye was essential to facilitate locomotive turning maneuvers.


Zhuqi Waterfront Park, Sky Corridor, Flower Trail, Singcian Drawbridge, Hongjing Bridge, Niuchou River Bridge, Jhenwu Temple

  • Past Time, Present Place: Landscape and Memory of Zhuqi Station Zhuqi station is one of the stations on the Alishan Forest Railway. It is the transition point between the flat part of the line and the mountain line. It is the place where early materials were distributed and traded. There are memories from different times. The Alishan Forest Railway co-operates with many railway enthusiasts from Zhuqi to hold a photography exhibition with 'Station Scenery', 'Surrounding Ruins', 'People and

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