Altitude: 31 m
Mileage: 1.6 km
Location: No. 306, Zhongxiao Rd, Chiayi City


On December 26, 2023, the relocated Beimen Station commenced operations at its new site. The station has fully integrated the Alishan Forest Railway visual identification system, enhancing station details with a palette of train red, forest green, and morning light white.

The ticket counters are adorned with locally sourced materials, featuring digitalized travel information displays, product display cases, and the accessible counter, elevating the service quality. The platform, featuring a subdued gray color scheme and wood-patterned tiles, diminishes the metallic shiness while guiding passengers into the wooden ambiance. The design not only contributes to the railway's aesthetics but also forms the new entrance to the Alishan journey.


Hinoki Village, Garage Park, Forestry Village, Song of Forest, Chiayi Prison Museum

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