The "water tanker" has repaired and successfully solved the water shortage in Duigaoyue.


The heavy rain in August 6th caused the water pipe in Zhushan head-water point burst and the restroom of Duigaoyue station was unfunctional because of water shortage.  Therefore, Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office (AFRCHO) dispatched the "water tanker" and carry 4 tons of water to Duigaoyue station in August 12th. Water tanker was originally flat car and used to logging, but after AFR ended its logging mission, some of these flat car was modified by adding tankers on it and used to restore water when dry season came. 

Due to the cleaning water demand in this April, AFRCHO started to repair the water tanker that haven't used for long time in Shuishan line. Alishan loco shed completed its level 2 maintenance by their own, they renewed lots of parts of the flat car, including air break hose, air reservoir and bogie.

AFRCHO stated that in the initial development of Alishan Forest Railway, in addition to transporting timber, it also assisted in the transportation of agricultural products, livelihood supplies, even love confession letter for residents along the route.

In 1991, due to drought, there was a serious shortage of water. The spring water was loaded from the train to the Alishan Youth Activity Center and transported to the Zhaoping Station for livelihood. In recent years, it has also coordinated with the fire department to dispatch motor car for emergency rescue. In 2020, there were 5 times that AFRCHO dispatch motor car to Miyue Line to transport injured climbers. On this Monday (August 9th), 2 motor cars were also dispatched to the Erwanping Station to pick up 7 passengers trapped in the Alishan Youth Activity Center to Alishan Station and take other transportation down the mountain.
Last updated on:2022-05-24
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