To reduce unnecessary movement, Alishan Forest Railway, Chiayi Sawmill and Hinoki Village will be closed from May 18 to 28


In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, many local governments have raised the alert to quasi-third level. Although the forest railway and surrounding sites have upgraded our prevention measures, in order to reduce people's movement across cities, and avoid the risk of community infection, from May 18 to 28, the Aishan Forest Railway, Chiayi Sawmill, and the Hinoki Village will be temporarily closed. Passengers who have bought tickets can request refund within 1 year from the departure date of the ticket. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Way to refund:
1. For those who picked up their paper tickets, please get to AFR stations to request refund.
2. For those who have reserved tickets and completed payment online, please used the online reservation system to request refund.
3. For those who have picked up their tickets at the 7-11 convenience store. Please get to the 7-11 convenience store to request refund by operating the ibon machine.
For more information, please get to the AFR official website or make inquiry on our Facebook fan group.
Last updated on:2022-07-05
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