The ultimate warmth: "The Heart of Alishan Forest Railway" won 3 international film awards


The first image video "The Heart of Alishan Forest Railway" published by the Alishan Forest won the Gold Selections (short movies) in the 3rd World London Film Festival (WLFF), the Gold Winner (video) in the 6th Muse Creative Awards, and the Gold Remi (documentary) in the 54th WorldFest-Houston. This shows how outstanding the film has been approved by the global society.


The three awards are all well-known international film festivals. WLFF includes various types of short films and feature films. The award aims to select wonderful stories with distinctive characters, and inspiring emotions. The information will be displayed on the WLFF official website for one year so that the world can have a channel to learn the story of AFR. The Muse Creative Award, known for its strict judging system and standards, is an award for which many art creators compete. The film was elected by 44 professional judges from various countries from 4,000 works. The WorldFest-Houston is one of the most historic independent film festivals in the United States. The film was selected from more than 4,500 competing films.


Since the opening of AFR in 1912, the rich natural landscape and railway techniques are attractive to many people, but the focus is rarely put on the guardians behind the railway. To convey the concepts of "safety first; cultural heritage preservation; tourism development; creating the next century," the film adopts the transition of the points of view and space to tell the vivid story of stationmasters, drivers, and track workers. The scenes from daily work to landscapes along the line give the audience a glimpse of the complete and genuine appearance of the Alishan Forest Railway. 


The premiere of "The Heart of Alishan Forest Railway" on AFR's Facebook fan page was on the second anniversary of the establishment of AFRCH in 2020. The number of viewers with a positive response exceeded 175,000 in three days This time, winning the recognition of many renowned global film festivals, it is shown that AFR guardians’ perseverance and warmth have transcended the world and touched people's hearts.


"The Heart of Alishan Forest Railway" uses the creativity of "observing the railway's integrity from time and space" to blend the colors and sounds of the surroundings and record the details which are taken for granted. It not only won the recognition of the WorldFest-Houston, which focuses more on traditional media, and the favor of the WLFF, which emphasizes online streaming of new media. This shows that the script and style of the film are really world-class.


Through the transmission of "The Heart of Alishan Forest Railway", AFR wishes to establish an emotional connection between the railway and all potential passengers. While riding the train to experience the charm of cultural heritage, they can also feel the diligence of the AFR staff, so that more people can be attracted to join the alliance of "the Guardians of Alishan Forest Railway" in different ways, making the Alishan Forest Railway become Taiwan's cultural landmark in the global society.


The link of "The Heart of Alishan Forest Railway"


Links of the awards

1. Muse Creative Awards

2. World London Film Festival

3. WorldFest-Houston


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Last updated on:2022-07-05
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