AFR 2021 theme train will focus on nostalgic experience


Alishan Forest Railway launches new theme train tours in Q1 and Q2, 2021. "Finding the Dream along the Forest Railway" will be operated in January to March, and "Nostalgic Forest Railway" will be operated in April to June. These tours will be operated every first, third, and fifth Wednesday of each month (except January 6 and February 17).

The price of the Q1 theme train "Finding the Dream along the Forest Railway" is 2,249 TWD (including round-trip tickets, local snack, stamps, souvenirs, and guided tour), and the Q2 theme train "Nostalgic Forest Railway" costs 2,499 TWD (including round-trip tickets, meals, souvenirs, and guided tours). The maximum capacity of each train is limited to 100 passengers. Only online reservation is available. Every tour is open for reservation 15 days before the departure date at 10 AM. Check AFR's official website (The relevant link has expired) or FB fanpage for more details, or call us at 05-2779843 ext. 363 Mr. Chang.

Our Q1 theme train "Finding the Dream along the Forest Railway" will stop at Zhangnaoliao, Fenqihu, Shuisheliao, and Jiaoliping stations to let passengers experience the 180-degree curve, Dulishan spiral loop, and the zig-zag station. At Fenqihu station, passengers can take a walk in the surrounding paths with forests and old streets. At Shuisheliao Station, passengers may write their letter for future and mail them out at Jiaoliping Station. Letters will be sent to the appointed address after two years.

Our Q2 theme train "Nostalgic Forest Railway" will stop at Zhuqi, Fenqihu, Duolin and Beimen stations. Passengers can visit the most beautiful Zhuqi station, which is designated as a monument, and learn how the wye track is operated. When the train passes through Fenqihu Station, passengers can pick up their traditional lunchboxes at the platform. Duolin Station is a small fairy tale village with a few houses, and Beimen Station is a postcard-perfect building built with red cypress.

Participating AFR's theme train tours with professional guides, passengers can understand the century-old history of the forest railway and specific techniques of mountain railway. The first run is open for reservation at 10 AM on January 6. It will be a nostalgia but fresh experience.


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