The 108th Anniversary of Alishan Forest Railway and the commencement of the three-year-period Edmondson ticket collection project on December 25


Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office (AFRCH) held the 108th-anniversary celebration of Alishan Forest Railway on December 19. This time, we released the "Chiayi Lumber Mill AR Guiding System". All the friends who took care of the railway gather together to review the history of Chiayi Lumber Mill with modern technology and announce the old ticket collection project at the same time.

Through brilliant lighting effects, projection mapping technology, and the combination of virtual and reality in buildings, AFRCH aroused the glory of Chiayi Lumber Mill, which showed the introduction of digital technology in cultural heritage preservation kicked off by the Chiayi Lumber Mill APP. After all the guests launched the APP, many visitors also downloaded it and used their mobile phones or tablets to explore this lumber mill, which was the largest lumber mill in East Asia in the past.

The "Come to Chiayi" cypress train that runs between Beimen and Chiayi Station was attached with a SHAY SL-25 steam train this day. The unique vertical cylinder and bevel gear haul the world's only cypress carriage and travel through the bustling streets of Chiayi, attracting people to ride and snap photos.
AFRCH launches limited commemorative tickets every year. This year, AFRCH reproduces old-style Edmondson railway tickets with the design once used by AFR. The Edmondson ticket collection project will have five stages – the 108th Anniversary, the 109th Anniversary, the 110th Anniversary, the opening of Zhushan Station, and the completion of AFR main line. On these five memorable days, we will sell Edmondson tickets to let all the friends of AFR accompany us to look forward to the better future of AFR through the ticket collection project.

The Edmondson ticket issued by AFRCH this time combines nostalgia and innovation. In addition to the reproduction of tickets, the back of the ticket is also printed with a route map of the railway. The five Edmondson tickets can be connected together to form a complete AFR map. Therefore, the ticket holder sold with the ticket is specially designed to collect all the tickets. After tickets are placed, you can see the ticket and the railway map on the back.

The first commemorative Edmondson ticket will be sold in limited at AFR Beimen Station at 8:30 am on December 25th. The price is TW$350 per set (including a ticket and a ticket holder). This ticket can be used on the section between Chiayi and Zhuqi (Zhongxing Express only). Currently, the Zhongxing Express only runs on Saturdays and Sundays. After the purchase of the ticket, passengers need to stamp the date on the ticket on the boarding day. This ticket is valid from the date of issuance until December 31, 2023.


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