"SL-31 Enjoy the Maples" The only theme train on the mountain railway with maples in Taiwan


Alishan Forestry Railway will operate the theme train "SL-31 Enjoy the Maples" this December. We invite Huang Yuan-ming, an amateur photographer of the Alishan area, to lead tourists to visit the secret maple viewing spots in the Alishan Forest Recreation Area and share the skills of shooting natural scenery. Professional guides are also included in the tour. The century-old national treasure steam locomotive SL-31 will be operated attached with the elegant and fragrant hinoki wooden carriages.
At the end of the autumn, the maples in the Alishan area are gradually replaced with new ones. Around December, it is the best time to appreciate the maple in the Alishan Forest Recreation Area. The journey of "SL-31 Enjoy the Maples" includes the most beautiful mountain railway in Taiwan and the renowned curved platform in Duigaoyue Station. The century-old steam locomotive with maples on both sides of the railway form a unique scene for shutterbugs. Afterward, passengers will be led to Mt Ogasawara Observation Deck to overlook the magnificent scenery. In the Botanical Garden, tea and snacks will be prepared for all the passengers; As for Zhaoping Park, the peaks of Mt Tashan and various alpine plants are also splendid.
SL-31 is a 28-ton SHAY steam locomotive manufactured by LIMA in the United States in 1915. It is designed with a unique vertical cylinder and bevel gear to shorten the body and improve transmission power to overcome mountainous curves and tunnels. After its restoration in 2005, it was resumed for seasonal and special theme trains.
The theme train will be operated on December 7, 8, 14, and 15. The price is NTD 2,880 per person including railway tickets, guide fees, mountain tea experience, meals, and souvenirs. To maintain the service quality, each run allows only 60 passengers to take. Ticket reservation will be open at 10 am on November 23 for the first run. More details can be found on AFR's official website (The relevant link has expired) and FB fan group or contact Mrs. Li at +886 (05) 2779843 #362.


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Last updated on:2022-08-15
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