The theme train "Zhushan Rebuild" using SL-31 will be operated on October 13 for commemorating the reconstruction of Zhushan Station


To improve the service quality of the Zhushan Line, especially the enhancement of barrier-free facilities, Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office (AFR) will start to renovate Zhushan Station from October 14, 2020. The construction period is expected to be 17 months. In order to commemorate the first mountain railway built by Taiwanese and travel memories created along the line, AFR launched the "Zhushan Rebuild" theme train, allowing the public to take the train on the last day of the operation of Zhushan Station. The century-old steam locomotive SL-31 will be used with unique Zhushan carriages attached, letting passengers experience the Zhushan Line on the top of mountains.
The elevation of Zhushan Station is 2,451 meters above sea level, which is the highest railway station in Taiwan. Furthermore, Zhushan Line is the first mountain railway designed and constructed by the Taiwanese. Zhushan Observation Deck was the best place to watch the sunrise in Alishan Recreation Area. In order to transport tourists to Zhushan for sunrise watching, Forestry Bureau started to construct the Zhushan Line in 1984 from Alishan Station (now Zaoping Station), via Shizifendao, Duigaoyue, and arrives at Zhushan. The whole line winds on mountains higher than 2,000 meters, where the scenery of clouds and peaks is wonderful.
Zhushan Station is famous for its beautiful arc-shaped rail yard. The four tracks used for dispatching are also unique and classical along whole the forest railway. In the busy early morning, diesel locomotives in sequence form a beautiful view at the station. Opened in 1975, Zhushan Station has been in service for domestic and foreign tourists for 34 years. On the theme train "Zhushan Rebuild" can experience the century-old steam locomotive and AFR's unique railway construction techniques at the same time, making it the perfect combination in history. We hope that in 17 months, Zhushan Station will have a new look, better service facilities, and more tourists in the future.
P.S. The capacity of the theme train "Zhushan Rebuild" is limited to 60 passengers, and all the available seats are sold out at the moment. We still welcome your participation in the coming event.


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