The Sunrise Train will be diverted to Duigaoyue Station due to the reconstruction project of Zhushan Station


Due to the reconstruction project of Zhushan Station, the Zhushan Sunrise Train will terminate at Duigaoyue Station since October 14, 2020. Tourists can watch the sunrise at Duigaoyue Observation Deck or walk to Zhushan and Mt. Ogasawara Observation Deck. The one-way fare of Zhushan Line will be reduced from TWD 150 to TWD 120. Depending on the sunrise hour, the departure time of Sunrise Train will be announced at the official website of the Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office (AFR), Alishan Station, the entrance of Forest Recreation Area, and the tourist center at 4:30 pm one day before departure.
According to Huang Miao-Hsiu, the Director of AFR, in order to improve the service quality of Zhushan Station, the reconstruction project will be carried out for roughly 17 months. During the construction period, the terminal station of Zhushan Sunrise train will be diverted to Duigaoyue Station, where Duigaoyue Observation Deck is located. The deck next to the station is also a good spot for appreciating the sunrise. The "Alishan Sunrise Impression Concert" has been held there for several years. Visitors can also walk from Duigaoyue Station to Zhushan Observation Deck, which takes about 1 km far, or a 20-minute walk. It takes 10 minutes more to walk to Mt. Ogasawara Observation Deck, which is surrounded by mountains and a great place to enjoy the sunrise.
Since October 14, 2020, the price base of the Main Line (Chiayi-Shizilu) will be added from 5 kilometers to 6 kilometers. Therefore, the basic fare of Alishan Express will be adjusted from TWD 42 to TWD 50, and the basic fare of Zhongxing Express will be adjusted from TWD 38 to TWD 45. Only the short-distance sections under 6 kilometers are effected, such as Chiayi-Beimen, Zhangaoliao-Dulishan, Fenqihu-Duolin, etc. The fares of other long-distance sections remain unchanged.
We would like to remind passengers that ticket reservation after October 14 will be available from September 30 onward. Passengers should pay attention to the adjustment of the service of Zhushan Line and fare calculation. For relevant information, check the official website of Alishan Forest Railway ( or our Facebook fan group (


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