The secret route of AFR is first made public! Visit railway treasures in "Come To Chiayi - Hinoki Train."


Recovering from previous impacts of COVID-19, the "Come to Chiayi - Hinoki Train" will start to pass through the Garage branch line every Saturday and Sunday in late 2020 (July to December) to let passengers discover Garage Park (only departures from Beimen Station). As for departures from Chiayi Station, the train will make a brief stop in the platform of Garage Park if passengers wish to visit the park and Lumber Factory to experience this historic area in Chiayi City.
This "Garage branch line" is not a regular line. This line is only used when the train is dispatched. It is possible for passengers to get close to the steam locomotive SHAY, which is the only operatable one in 762-mm railways all over the world. Afterward, the train will pass through the railway turntable, which was pushed by manpower. Before leaving the garage area, passengers can also observe the washing platform specifically for carriages of the Alishan forest railway. This is a brand-new unique visit experience different from previous ones.
The design of wooden carriages used in this "Hinoki Train" is referred to VIP carriages used by the Japanese imperial family in 1925 and the only one in Taiwan. Passengers can choose to drop off in the platform of Garage Park to visit Chiayi Lumber Factory, which was called the top in East Asia. Besides industrial historic buildings, the greensward attached to the area is also a rare one in Chiayi. After the ride, Hinoki Village is already in front of Beimen Station, where visitors can appreciate a variety of historic buildings, shops, and events related to arts and culture.

For the information of "Come to Chiayi - Hinoki Train", check this site: (The relevant link has expired)


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