Alishan Forest Railway Cross-Border Reciprocal Ticket Exchange with Japan's Kurobe Gorge Railway


    The reciprocal ticket exchange activity between Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office (Forest Railway and Cultural Office) of the Forestry Bureau and its sister railway Kurobe Gorge Railway of Japan is starting now! The activity will run from today May 10, 2019 until November 30, 2019. For Taiwanese passengers who hold the 1-day or 2-day pass for the Alishan Forest Railway lines (Zhushan, Zhaoping, Shenmu lines) that was used during the reciprocal period, submit your application to the Kurobe Gorge Railway business center 15 days to three months before your train departure date, and you can redeem the roundtrip ticket for "Unazuki-Keyakidaira" on the Kurobe Gorge Railway. While Japanese passengers who hold the used Kurobe Gorge Railway "Unazuki-Keyakidaira" roundtrip ticket will be able to redeem the Alishan Forest Railway 1-day or 2-day pass.
    The Kurobe Gorge Railway is located in Toyama Prefecture of Japan. The entire line is 20.1 kilometers long and the journey takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. It is a mountain railway that uses the 762mm track gauge system, the same as the Alishan Forest Railway. It was originally used exclusively for carrying construction materials and operating personnel, but due to the beautiful scenery and the mountain view of the Kurobe Gorge along the way, after its opening to the general public, it gradually become famous and is very popular among domestic and foreign tourists. The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. specially established the railway company in 1971, which is fully responsible for the railway operations.
    The Alishan Forest Railway and Kurobe Gorge Railway became sister railways in 2013, and have been conducting ticket reciprocal activities for five consecutive years. The snowfall in the Kurobe Gorge affects the train operation in winter, so the mountain is closed every December and the reopened after the snow melts in May of the following year. The opening of the Kurobe Gorge is happening soon, and the Forest Railway and Cultural Office will once again be launching the cross-border reciprocal activity. Visitors are encouraged to make full use of this ticket reciprocal offering and use their tickets to redeem another ticket and enjoy both Alishan Forest Railway and Kurobe Gorge Railway.
For more ticket reciprocal information, please visit the Forest Railway and Cultural Office official website and Facebook page
    For more details and ticket reciprocation, please visit the Forest Railway and Cultural Office official website for queries and downloads; consultation line 05-2779843#253 (Ms. Su).
Last updated on:2022-08-15
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