Rolling Stock Maintaining Division

1. Reporting, execution, and control of plans for railway traffic, operation and train make-up, and dispatching of carriages and wagons.
2. Reporting, execution, and control of plans for all levels of regular maintenance and repair of locomotives, carriages and wagons.
3. Cultivation, training, supervision, and control of train maintenance personnel, telecommunications maintenance personnel and train drivers.
4. The procurement of power cars, coaches and wagons, components, and related equipment, the construction, maintenance, and management of communication system.
5. Construction, management, and maintenance of railway level crossing and related signal system.
6. Preservation, maintenance, and dynamic operation management of steam locomotives.
7. Development, execution, and control of standard operating procedures and regulations for the inspection, maintenance, and driving operation of rolling stock.
8. Research and improvement of major malfunctions of power cars, coaches, wagons, and components.
9. Other matters related to rolling stock maintenance.