Altitude: 1403 m
Mileage: 45.52 km
Location: No. 168-1, Fenqihu, Zhonghe Village, Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County


Fenqihu (altitude: 1403m), one of the important station in Alishan Railway, got the name of “Dustpan Lake” because the landform is like a basin. Although there is a “lake” within the name, no lake exists in Fenqihu actually. It was known for old-street, bamboo, waterfall, historical trail, and especially bento. The reason why bento got the reputation is because tourists could have bento as their lunch when the train stopped at this station in the afternoon.
The station was a wooden structure initially, but it became Fenqihu Maintenance Section after the new station was operated. On 2004, the original one was demolished after the rebuilt. So, the authority decided to reconstruct a new wooden one, same as the old, to open in public.


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