Altitude: 128 m
Mileage: 14.2 km
Location: No. 11, Jiuchezhan, Zhuqi Village, Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County


The old name of Zhuqi (far from Chiayi: 14.2km; altitude: 128m) is Chutouchi. It is not only the last part of plain section in Alishan railway but also the beginning of climbing. The station was established on 1910 and rebuilt on 1952. During the period of steam train, they refilled the water and coal, and change locomotive from 18 ton to 28 ton to continue the slope-climbing.
Another feature of Zhuqi Station is “Wye rail”which helps train to change the direction.


Zhuqi Waterfront Park, Sky Corridor, Flower Trail, Singcian Drawbridge, Hongjing Bridge, Niuchou River Bridge, Jhenwu Temple

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