Alishan Cultural Heritage

Alishan Cultural Heritage

Help tourists explore the profound roots of local culture
Inherit the historical context; achieve the preservation of forestry culture heritage
Activate the local economy; allow the grace and glory of the forestry capital to reappear; bring new experiences to tourists

Development and Current Operation
Song of Forest Song of Forest
Alishan Forestry Village

Chiayi City, which was one of the four major cities in Taiwan, is the terminal of Alishan Forest Railway. With the industry transition, it remained a lot of precious forestry cultural assets.

Wood structure buildings Wood structure buildings
Lumber Factory Sawmill
Hinoki Village

The village is integrated with elements such as "forestry culture, environmental education, craft design, cultural creativity and life creativity."

Forest Club Forest Club
Pool Landscape Pool Landscape
Hinoki Village Hinoki Village
Chiayi Garage Park Chiayi Garage Park
Garage Park

The three railway garages contain a variety of locomotives and plant equipment, as well as equipment garages, repair factories, parking lots, car wash yards, historic hinoki wagons, etc. Railway fans must not miss it.

Fenqihu Garage Park Fenqihu Garage Park
Alishan Garage Park Alishan Garage Park