The lost realm – Saviki indigenous tribe experience camp

December: 26, 27 ( 2 days trip )

Package: $5,999 NTD per person; maximum 20 passengers
Ticket fare, transportation, meal, bamboo cup DIY, tour guide, water restaurant, tube rice pudding, accommodation, leather craft, archery, souvenir and insurance included.

    Day 1  
Time Duration Location Descripiton
0830   Chiayi station Meet up(first platform north)
0830-1051 141 Chiayi – Fenqihu Train ride (Chiayi to Fenqihu)
1051-1100 9 Fenqihu Break time
1100-1150 50 Fenqihu – Saviki indigenous tribe village Bus ride
1150-1700 350 Pray > tube rice pudding DIY > Bamboo cup DIY > water restaurant > secret scenery > Dance performance Experience tribe culture
1700-1800 60 Homestay check in Check in
1800-1900 60 Dinner Dinner
1900-2000 60 Night tour guide Tour guide
    Day 2  
0800-0900 60 Breakfast Breakfast
0900-1130 150 Experience archery and leather craft Experience local culture
1130-1330 74 Lunch Have local special cuisine
1330-1400 30 Leye – Fenqihu Bus ride
1400-1430 30 Fenqihu old street Free time
1430-1651 141 Fenqihu – Chiayi Train ride (Fenqihu to Chiayi)
1651   Chiay station End of trip

This trip might have nessesary adjustment based on actual situation.

The same price applies to all passengers without discount fares. Children below 6 years old who does not occupy a seat can enjoy free ride. Each adult is only allowed to bring a child below 6 years old without a ticket.
Please prepare an umbrella or a raincoat, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, and a kettle.
Passenger will take Jungshing express to Fenqihu on the first day, and take Alishan express back to Chiayi on the second day.

Contact: Mr. Tsai +886-5-2779843 #358